Brighton based counsellor and psychotherapist


I am Lasy Lawless. I am a fully accredited psychotherapist (MBACP and UKRCP) with over 20 years experience in individuals and couples therapy. I also offer clinical supervision and business coaching.  I practice in the Preston Park area of Brighton. Welcome to my website please have a look around. If you would like more information on anything that you find here please contact me.

Working with Lasy has been – hands down – the best theraputic experience I’ve ever had. Over a year of seeing her weekly, I have grown to trust her integrity, presence and unwavering boundaried compassion. I have found our relationship, and her insights have helped me to survive one of the most difficult periods of my life, and then begin to thrive in ways I never thought were possible for me.

What is counselling 

The British Association for Counselling defines the nature of counselling as:
“The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for the client to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way”

How I work

I am a Person Centred Counsellor.   I work by offering you a safe and reliable space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a way that can help you to develop more self-understanding, more self acceptance and more self-confidence to manage your life and relationships in constructive and healthy ways.
I will try to understand your experiences, without judgement, and reflect this back to you in a way that facilitates you in making the choices and/or changes that you want to. I offer a relationship and way of being that supports you throughout the process towards change. I may offer you the opportunity to approach something differently if you would like to do this, or to explore things which you have avoided or not considered.
Our first appointment can be a half hour free introductory session so that you can meet me and clarify any issues you might have about counselling.  There is no obligation for you to continue if you decide it is not for you.  Alternatively, we can arrange a full hour paid introductory session so that you can see how it feels.
Confidentiality is an essential element to our relationship.  As our world becomes more litigious, there are some limitations to this which we can disuss when we meet.