“When my partner and I first agreed to get help, I didn’t think it would be possible to retrieve our relationship. But even after just one session with Lasy, my hope in rebuilding our relationship was restored. Lasy offers a non-judgmental and practical approach, using simple tools that empowered us to turn our relationship around. Lasy ensures the sessions feel safe, and she is caring and equitable – a really friendly approach. I truly believe Lasy was instrumental in saving our relationship!”

“We have been working with Lasy for the past six months. We came to see her after we had difficulties in our relationship. We were very impressed from the outset with Lasy’s insight and guidance that made communication within our relationship much easier and less fraught. Our relationship improved tremendously with Lasy’s help, as we were both able to appreciate the difficulties and hurt we both suffered when we did not communicate and empathise well. Lasy’s ability to frame and elucidate our difficulties led me to being able to finally recognise how I was influence by past difficulties that I projected on to my present relationship. With this insight I was able to reduce some of my damaging behaviour and start to develop a greater sense of self awareness and esteem. In turn my partner benefitted from my ability to take responsibility for my behaviour that I had not be able to connect with and identify previously. I would not hesitate to recommend Lasy’s services and feel that she has been extremely valuable in helping me individually and as a couple.”


‘Working with Lasy has been – hands down – the best theraputic experience I’ve ever had. Over a year of seeing her weekly, I have grown to trust her integrity, presence and unwavering boundaried compassion. I have found our relationship, and her insights have helped me to survive one of the most difficult periods of my life, and then begin to thrive in ways I never thought were possible for me.’ 

“After receiving counselling with Lasy, I have been able to function more positively in the world. My relationships have become more honest as I have learnt to open up and become more trusting with important people in my life”

“Lasy has a wonderful way of helping me feel completely at ease. Her warmth, compassion and insight helps me share my most difficult thoughts and feelings. But what I am most grateful for is the sense of worth I gain from our work together; it stays with me outside of our sessions. I have recommended Lasy to others and would not hesitate to do so again.”

“I have received counselling 3 times before having sessions with Lasy and didn’t really feel like I particularly got anywhere. After receiving counselling with Lasy, I have been able to function more positively in the world. My relationships have become more honest as I have learnt to open up and become more trusting with important people in my life.”

“I have had a number of sessions with Lassy. Each time, she has provided a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Discussing and exploring my feelings helped me through some very difficult times in my life – her counselling gave me the strength to cope with the situation I was in. Without her help, I would not have been able to cope.”


“I knew I was looking for someone special. Someone who could balance compassion with structure. Someone empathic and dynamic to boot. Finding a strong, affirming and pragmatic mentor was crucial. Trusting my work, my heart and my time to another human being is a big deal for me.I needed to find a person who could look me in the eye and really see me, really hear me, say when they couldn’t, and notice when I couldn’t. Lasy’s person centredness is so much a part of who she is that I can feel it in everything she offers as a supervisor. Her support through training has been life changing, and her appreciation of the work of a counsellor is incredibly well rounded. Lasy’s attention to my relationships with clients is insightful. My exploration with her of how I relate provides a depth of self awareness that has immense value. Lasy brings her experience and knowledge of the core conditions seamlessly into the ‘business’ of being a counsellor. In contemplating ethics and complex professional dilemmas, her approach is wonderfully collaborative and very thoroughly considered. I love working with Lasy, it always feels like a privilege to have spent supervision time with her. She challenges me with great humanity and a realness that is hard to find. I hope to continue working with her for a considerable time to come.”  

“Lasy has been my counselling supervisor for two years. From the outset, she sought to form a working relationship tailored to suit my needs. Lasy listens attentively as I share my perspective of the therapeutic journey my clients are making. She increases my knowledge using her own learning and experience, and provides a safe environment for me to reflect on the quality of the relationship I am providing for my clients as well as potential barriers. I find Lasy’s support reaffirming and gently challenging. I usually leave supervision feeling emotionally refreshed. I know she is available between sessions if I need her.”